December 2020


Bharadvaja spent 3 of his entire lifetime as a devout scholar of Vedas. He withdrew from his community to study day and night and became known as a secluded sage devoted to learning. Near the end of Bharadvaja’s third life, Shiva, the Lord of destruction paid him a visit, asking him how is he doing …

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With the stretch of the west, we honor the Sunrise by bowing in Patchimotanasana. We take the time to be grateful to our experience, to our teachers on the way, as the night turns to another day, another opportunity for us to create and contribute in life. The backside of the body symbolizes the unconscious …

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This pose reminds us of how with focus and clarity from the space of infinite spiritual energy within, we can transform ordinary rocks into holy stones that we can use to build our mountains. Marichi was a powerful sage and in an episode of rage, cursed his wife, Dharmavrata to an ordinary stone.  She decided …

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