This pose reminds us of how with focus and clarity from the space of infinite spiritual energy within, we can transform ordinary rocks into holy stones that we can use to build our mountains.

Marichi was a powerful sage and in an episode of rage, cursed his wife, Dharmavrata to an ordinary stone. 

She decided in the capacity of a stone to do her best and meditate with devotion for years. She decided to identify with her inner wisdom, her higher self. Lord Vishnu who was impressed by her devotion, granted her a wish, transforming her into a holy stone, desired by all the Gods.

Life can be chaotic and raging at us and we might meet Marichis in our lives that leave us shaken and broken. But while not losing focus and clarity on our purpose in life and identifying with our infinite energy within, we can find the force and the courage to heal. 

As painful as they can be, from the perspective of the higher self we can learn powerful lessons from the challenges in our lives. turning those cursed events to holy stones for your next mountains to build in our lives.

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