With the stretch of the west, we honor the Sunrise by bowing in Patchimotanasana. We take the time to be grateful to our experience, to our teachers on the way, as the night turns to another day, another opportunity for us to create and contribute in life.

The backside of the body symbolizes the unconscious within us. Through life experiences, we stretch our conscious thought to understand our unconscious mind.  It seems like life is a flow of events through which we learn about ourselves and become aware of our unconscious mind. 

Our infinite spiritual energy is part of our unconsciousness. We learn through life that this is our faithful companion that will lend us its wisdom anytime we need it.  This energy is eternal. To access this energy, we just need to cultivate awareness.

The subconscious mind is the repository of our memories and lessons. When unaware, we allow in this space to reside in things that do not serve us. As we live life outside, we live our life from within too. We grow and transform within, through life experiences and let go of things we do not need or that do not serve us while opening space for more valuable lessons that bring us peace, happiness, and clarity.

With awareness of our unconsciousness, we can break the cycles of pain and discomfort. We can meet ourselves in a vulnerable place and with awareness and understanding bring it to a better place, a place of peace.

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April 30, 2022

We are so saddened by the situation that is going on in the world right now. We are trying to help and support as much as we can. We will resume our regular schedule April 30 with a fresh and positive attitude for life, love. and compassion towards each other. Namaste!

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