Yoga therapy for Covid breathing, anxiety and sleep difficulties

FREE Yoga therapy for Covid breathing, anxiety and sleep difficulties.


Yoga is recommended as a supporting therapy for several problems related to Covid-19 disease, especially breathing difficulties, muscle ache, anxiety and insomnia, which could be long-term symptoms in people who have had Covid-19. This program is suitable even for people who experience these symptoms because of anxiety and sleeping difficulties.

Program contains:

Rehabilitation breathing exercises to improve the use of diaphragm, accessory muscles and to increase lung capacity.

Simple physical exercises to ease the neck, back and articulations pain.

Special relaxation program with passive poses of Yin style.

Guided relaxation.


Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga).

Monitoring and managing activities for anxiety.


For all adult ages and all levels of physical activities.

Especially for people, who had Covid-19 or who suffer from chronic anxiety and sleeping difficulties.



Eva Peza

As a Yogi, Eva comes from an ashtanga background with a passion for spirituality, awareness expansion, and energetic practices. She offers a broad spectrum of classes from hypnotic meditation for stress release to vinyasa flow to build body strength and flexibility by connecting movement with breath. Currently, she is continuing her education with Noah Maze and Christina Sell.

Kelly Grace

With a background in the Anusara lineage, Kelly’s expertise centers around pose knowledge, alignment, sequencing and clarity in language for actionable and engaged poses. Kelly’s classes aim to provide an accessible and challenging practice to develop students’ self-awareness and connection to their inner wisdom by developing their strength, flexibility and connection to the breath.


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April 30, 2022

We are so saddened by the situation that is going on in the world right now. We are trying to help and support as much as we can. We will resume our regular schedule April 30 with a fresh and positive attitude for life, love. and compassion towards each other. Namaste!

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