Fundamentals of Yoga and Meditation

Fundamentals of Yoga and Meditation

Build a strong foundation, a kind heart and clear mind for challenging times

Challenging times, like these times of transition, we are going through, require us to be aware, understand, transform and adapt.

In this workshop we dive deep within ourselves and honestly look at the shadows, the roots of challenges that are illuminated in our lives during these times. We learn how to connect with them in a healthy manner, how to transform and heal them by building the strong foundation that stands up to any weathering, by connecting with our hearts to be clear in our actions. 

We will start the class with our introduction followed by a centering meditation. Then will continue with the study of 10 fundamental yoga poses in terms of philosophy and metaphorical meaning while biomechanics and alignment of each pose will be explained while practicing. There will be two sequences: one align and the other flow with the fundamental poses. We will close with another mediation. All will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recording.

The following 10 weeks we will have classes live every day except Fridays. Each week will be focused on one pose. We will deconstruct, construct, connect and integrate the pose in our Gentle Yoga and Meditation, Daily Cup of Yoga, Yoga Form, Align, Align and Flow and Vinyasa Flow styles, so that anyone can find what they love in the practices. Also all classes are recorded to be accessed anytime you want. We will take all the experiences during these times and analyze them.

We will track your progress so that no one is left behind. And we go through this experience all together supporting each other.

We want you to write to us and if you like we can have zoom sessions for further discussions, thoughts. 


With Our Easy-To-Use Platform, You Can Join The Workshop And All Subsequent Live Streams From Any Device - Anytime / Anywhere.


Our Instructors Are World-Class Expert Yoga Teachers. Join Them To Challenge Yourself, Increase Your Health, & Reduce Your Anxiety.



Eva Peza

As a Yogi, Eva comes from an ashtanga background with a passion for spirituality, awareness expansion, and energetic practices. She offers a broad spectrum of classes from hypnotic meditation for stress release to vinyasa flow to build body strength and flexibility by connecting movement with breath. Currently, she is continuing her education with Noah Maze and Christina Sell.

Kelly Grace

With a background in the Anusara lineage, Kelly’s expertise centers around pose knowledge, alignment, sequencing and clarity in language for actionable and engaged poses. Kelly’s classes aim to provide an accessible and challenging practice to develop students’ self-awareness and connection to their inner wisdom by developing their strength, flexibility and connection to the breath.


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April 30, 2022

We are so saddened by the situation that is going on in the world right now. We are trying to help and support as much as we can. We will resume our regular schedule April 30 with a fresh and positive attitude for life, love. and compassion towards each other. Namaste!

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