Finding Your Inner Wisdom Through Yoga

Here’s a hard truth: life can be filled with things that are out of your control, and things that you cannot predict. Because of these things, you could feel anxious, stressed, scared, and depressed. To cope with these negative feelings, you might turn towards things like prescription drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes – anything that can help numb these heavy emotions. 

However, did you know that you could find inner peace and acceptance through yoga? What’s more, yoga can help you with finding your inner wisdom so that you can have a deeper connection with your inner being, and find better ways to manage your negative emotions.

Embrace Your Emotions Instead Of Running Away From Them

The main reason why people turn to self-destructive methods of coping is that they feel that having to struggle with negative emotions is worse than any consequences of these coping methods. However, did you know that negative emotions serve as a powerful signal that you are in a situation that is no longer conducive to your mental health and growth Sometimes, you might not even be aware that you are in such a situation!

For example, when you think about your work, do you feel satisfied and energized to move your career forward? Or do you feel despair and a strong reluctance to go back to the office? It might be more than just a case of the “Monday blues”; it could be that your emotions are trying to tell you that you are not living your full potential at your career. And since you are numbing yourself to these emotions, you’re not listening to what your inner wisdom is trying to tell you.

Through yoga, you will be given the tools to help process your negative emotions. You can be made aware of how to manage these feelings, as well as how to evaluate them in terms of your needs, wants, and goals in life.

Don’t Separate Your Mind From the Physical Sensations During Yoga

One of the simplest, and yet, most difficult things to perfect in yoga to learning how to breathe. Yes, it might sound like an oxymoron; how could as natural as breathing be difficult?

Yet, many people struggle to learn how to do conscious breathing in yoga. In conscious breathing, you become aware of many parts of your body that you don’t pay attention to most of the time. From the sensation of the lungs going into your nose, going down your windpipe, and filling up your lungs, each step teaches you how to reconnect with your body.

The more you learn how to do conscious breathing properly, the more you become aware of finding inner wisdom in these sensations. You become reconnected with parts of your body that you might have become numb towards, particularly those that experience chronic pain from negative emotions.

For example, when you’re regularly stressed or anxious, you might feel chronic pain around your neck and shoulders. However, to be able to function in your daily life, you learn to “live with the chronic pain”. Eventually, it just becomes part of your daily routine.

With yoga, however, you become reconnected with these long-forgotten muscles. The more you reconnect, the more you can deal with the root cause of the anxiety and stress, and the more you can consciously learn how to relax these tight muscles.


Finding inner wisdom through yoga can be a slow process, and it can be frustrating for some people. However, you shouldn’t give up because the process is uncomfortable in the beginning. There are many resources that you can use, such as taking up yoga classes or even finding yoga videos online. You might not always like what you hear from your body, but if you want to find true peace of mind, finding the inner wisdom and strength to listen and respond is critical to the process.

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