Align & Flow with Kelly | Bird of Paradise | 60 minute

This flow uses the stages of vasistansana to help find balance in bird of paradise. This is another big practice with stages designed to help you work on aspects of the pose, even if the full pose isn’t accessible yet.

Align with Kelly | | 60 minutes

Use vashistasana to inform the stages of bird of paradise. This strong practice will help you gain control of full vashistasana and bird of paradise with step by step options. Come ready to practice at your level!

Yoga Form with Kelly | Triangle pose | 60 minutes

Align the legs, torso, arms and neck in triangle pose. This foundational pose is often offered in most yoga classes. This class breaks it down so that trikonasana is more readily accessible. Expect strong leg and core work.

Align and Flow with Kelly | Handstand | 60 mins

A little handstand alignment so that handstand flow is more accessible. Learn the switch kick, the tiff kick, and cartwheel at the wall as intermediate handstand steps to get you up to the wall or help get you away from the wall.

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