Yoga Form with Kelly | Vashistasana| 60 minutes

Break down the hand balance side arm plank to gain stability and strength in this challenging pose. We will use the wall to inform strong feet and legs and to teach leg variations in this fun and challenging pose.

Align & Flow with Kelly | Bird of Paradise | 60 minute

This flow uses the stages of vasistansana to help find balance in bird of paradise. This is another big practice with stages designed to help you work on aspects of the pose, even if the full pose isn’t accessible yet.

Align with Kelly | | 60 minutes

Use vashistasana to inform the stages of bird of paradise. This strong practice will help you gain control of full vashistasana and bird of paradise with step by step options. Come ready to practice at your level!

Anusara-Inspired with Kelly | One-legged King Pigeon | 60 mins

Celebrate your achievements! This is a challenging peak pose sequence gives steps to ekapada rajakapotasana (one legged full pigeon). With steps along the way to celebrate wherever you are at in your practice, this sequence will bring balanced action to a challenging pose.

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