Transformational Event OCT 17, 2020 – Meditation 1

Let’s cultivate the connection with our inner wisdom and stay strong within when the world around us changes creating rippling relentless thoughts in our minds. Let’s find harmony and balance in the movement.

Gentle Yoga & Meditation me Even | Pozat ne nje kembe | 45 mins

Posat ne nje kembe jane me shume benefite per forcimin dhe terheqjen e muskujve te te kembeve dhe vitheve. Gjithashtu ato na pajisin me perspektiven ne jeten e perditeshme per te pasur besim dhe siguri ne vetvete edhe kur rreth nesh jeta eshte ne tranzicion dhe jo stabel. 06222020

Gentle Yoga & Meditation with Eva | One legged standing poses | 45 mins

The focus of the class is one leg standing poses. These poses are very beneficial physically for strengthening and stretching all muscles in the legs and glutes while providing the practitioner with the ability to be grounded, feel connected and supported even during times of transition when there is less stability in our lives. 06202020

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