Yoga is the science of consciousness.  It is a spiritual, intellectual and physical activity during which, the practitioner through direct experimentation, systematically explores, studies, observes and experiences the inner changes of the conscious and subconscious mind and its manifestation in the physical body. 

In yoga the practitioner is the observer and the object of the experiment (the observed) at the same time. 

Yoga teaches us that in quantum levels we are pure energy. And we become powerful human beings when we learn how to access, manage and harness that quantum energy of our consciousness and physical body.

Principles of Yoga

One of the main principles of yoga is intention on and off the mat. Every yoga practice starts with an intention that could be as simple as breathing through all the poses or being mindful and aware. That clear intention connects us with the practice to deeper levels to get the best of our practice. 

For example, through the intention of mindfully breathing through all the poses, our nervous system is relaxed because our mind is busy with breathing and pose placement, and takes us away from the world of worries we live in. Further, the breathing itself creates physiological changes in our body, in our endocrine system, releasing hormones and bringing more oxygen in our bloodstream that further benefits our muscles, heart and other organs.

Off the mat, when we go through life without a clear intention, we might find at some later point that we have not accomplished much; are not the person that we wanted to be; are not surrounded by people we love; and are not as successful as we were set to be with our inner potential. 

Are you ready for a fun ride?

It is never late to start living life with clear intention to have goals and reach them in this lifetime. With clear intention, we can change the energy in our lives from within.  There are 24 hours a day, 7-8 of which we need for sleep. What are the thoughts you want to have during those hours? What conversations do we want to have with ourselves? Who are the people we want around ourselves?

This is the first decision to make. To clear our minds from thoughts that do not serve us, that do not nurture us and that do us harm. Instead let’s allow ourselves, set our thoughts aligned with our goals. As we consciously choose our thoughts during the day, our subconscious mind makes miracles while we sleep in our REM’s (Rapid Eye Movement) by helping us to release stress, get solutions and bring forth our wishes.

The second decision to make is to pay attention to our feelings. Understand our feelings to connect deeper with the self. Learning about the self should be a lifetime goal; learning what we like and not like; learning about what triggers our emotions being negative, positive, effective and recognizing how they can be helpful to us. We want to feel good, but feeling uncomfortable makes us learn more. 

The third decision to make is to take action that aligns us with our thoughts and emotions. Every moment of our days should be spent around our goals with thoughts, emotions and actions. 

Start living life with intention today to be happy and fulfilled. 

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