The Story of the Virabhadrasana – Warrior Pose

Virabhadra was born of unbearable suffering, as the son of Lord Shiva. After the death of his beloved wife Sati, Shiva tore out his hair in grief. From his locks, Virabhadra and Kali were born. Shiva made them commanders of the legions he sent to avenge Sati’s death.

This pose invokes the spirit of the great warrior who is prepared to give his life for his divine mission. He is so devoted that in all the three asanas, the gaze is forward in one point, even though the warrior can see and is aware of his 360 degree surroundings.

On the mat in this pose we are asked to give it all.  Off the mat, when life becomes demanding, we are trained how to give it all and stay centered and true to ourselves. We are prepared to do so and win. Very often the real enemy is within ourselves, the ego. 

On the mat, we want to be the shorted warriors in the room, off the mat we want to be the humblest human being. It requires real strength to be the shortest warrior in the room. So it does require a real strength and courage to overcome the ego and be humble in life.

On the mat with each breath, we find the renewed sense of power and vigor. Off the mat, we become stronger each time as we go through moments of challenge, change and transformation with courage and humbleness staying true to ourselves.


Shiva – The Destroyer

Albanian (old, Geg dialect):

Mshiva – Wipe out

Myths about Yoga:

Yoga is for skinny and flexible people. Yoga is for women.

Myth debunked:

Yoga is for everyone, every age, weight and gender. Yoga is very broad and all encompassing practice. In Yoga, there is something beneficial for everyone. 


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