Pellazgs Civilization

Pellazgs Civilization

Pelasgians are the oldest people known in southern Europe and the Mediterranean and the oldest civilization in the world. The historic documentation places Pelasgians at least 10,000 years BC. It was a culture filled with art, philosophy, and science besides farming and metal welding. The first processed stone, mud, domesticated cattle, processed milk, and leather, shook the thread, and with their handle produced the first cloth and the first garments. Fustanella has been one of them produced since the Neolithic period. They built the first villages, city, and city-states in Europe such as Athens, Sparta, Argos, Troya, Apollonia, Lis, etc. 

Pelasgians had their language and they invented the alphabet. According to the linguists, all Indo-Hittite (I-E) languages have the roots in the Pelasgian language such as Albanian, Macedonian, Hittite, Sumerian, Sanskrit, Latin, etc.  The Greek alphabet has adopted the letters of the Pellazgian Language.

I grew up among a lot of stories about the Pellazgs, Illyrians, Dalmatians, the ancestors of the Albanians. Growing up Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey (8th century BC), about the Pelazgian war of Troy, were my favorite books. Odyssey was made into a movie by the Italians where the main character Odyssey was played by Bekim Fehmi, an Arberesh (Albanian) from Italy. This was one of my favorite movies too.

Dodona was one of the most famous Pellazgian metropolis, found in NW of Greece in the region of Epir, the Albanian site of Cameria. It was built in the 3000 years BC (around 5000 years ago).

Dodona was the praying site for Zeus, the God of Gods and his wife Diona, the God of Earth. According to the mythological story, Zeus and Diona were living among the branches of the Holy Oak Tree.  The spiritual pilgrims would interpret the changes in the colors of the Holy Oak Tree as sign of Gods, Zeus and Diona.

The theater of Pellazgian Dodona is the oldest in the world. It had 20,000 seats being so bigger than the Theater of Pellazgian Athina with 17,000 seats and Pellazgian Epidaur with 14,000 seats.

The Theater of Dodona
The Alphabet of the Pellazgs
Zeus (Zoti, Zoisi) of Dodona, Pellazgian art work in bronz (Museum of Art History, Vienna)

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