Pellazgian Culture

The Arabic Culture has been influenced continuously from the ancient culture of Pellazgs. In the 18-19 century, there were debates about how different the Western and Arabic cultures are: are they fundamentally different or they share the same heritage? And the debates of Homeric authenticity are all alive. 

During the Umayyad Period (632-750 CE), it was very common the translation of the Pellazgian-Illyrian antiquity works from the Syriac- Hittite speaking Christians that were under this early Islamic Empire. 

However, the Abbasid Period, the Golden Age of Islam (8 AD-1258), was a period of cultural, economic and scientific flourishing in the history of Islam. During this period the Islamic world became the center of knowledge in every field, such as science, philosophy, education, etc., and significantly advanced the knowledge gained by ancient civilizations and cultures. Many works of antiquity that otherwise would have been lost were translated in Arabic. Among such works were Iliad and Odyssey of Homer. 

The Arabs fascination with Homer created a deep connection between the Arab epic poetry and Homer’s work Iliad and Odyssey. He was depicted in Arabic clothing and called Omeros, giving him thus, an Arabic identity.

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